Why You Should Start Using Elliptical Machines

The fact that this workout machine gets slack for being ‘boring’ or ‘ineffective’ is actually quite silly. Elliptical machines have a range of benefits, from calorie-torching to giving lots of opportunities to make your workout enjoyable. With the following 7 benefits in mind, you just might change your opinion of these simple, yet effective machines. […]

Best Weight Bench Exercises

There are lots of resistance machines to target nearly every part of your body in gyms, but a weight bench allows you to work your body in a more natural way and isolate each side perfectly. Weight benches have fewer limitations in terms of the range of motion since they not restrict your joints like […]

Running Tips for Beginner Treadmill Users

Starting to use your new treadmill for running can be a rewarding and fun experience, but it comes with its own set of challenges for beginners. This guide offers fundamental tips on warm-up routines, suitable clothing, and post-run cool down techniques to ensure a safe and effective workout. Pre-running warm-up If you start running without […]

How to Use a Treadmill Correctly

Treadmills, being a staple piece of equipment in gyms worldwide, are used regularly by some fitness enthusiasts. Available in both manual and motorized models, treadmills feature a belt that continuously moves on a straight path, which serves as a running or walking surface. Generally, treadmills are straightforward cardio machines that help you work up a […]