ProForm Performance 300i vs 400i

If you made your research and have narrowed down your treadmill purchase options to the ProForm Performance 300i or ProForm Performance 400i, let’s take a look at what you get with both treadmills. Before going into more detail, here are some keypoints about these two treadmills.
Motor Power: Both treadmills have a 2.0 CHP motor.
Maximum Speed: Both treadmills have a top speed of 10 MPH.
Running Area: The belt areas of the Performance 300i and Smart Performance 400i are 16″ X 50″ and 18″ X 50″.

ProForm Performance 300i

ProForm Smart Performance 400i

Image of ProForm Performance 300i treadmill Image of ProForm Performance 400i treadmill

Here we list all available specs side by side so you can decide which one of these treadmills would be a better option for you.

ProForm Performance 300i vs ProForm Performance 400i Specs Table

Max User Weight Capacity ?The maximum user weight that the treadmill can handle.
300 LBS
300 LBS
Motor Power ?How strong is the motor? We recommend at least a 2.25 HP motor for home use.
2.0 CHP
2.0 CHP
Maximum Speed ?Maximum speeds in miles per hour.
10 MPH 10 MPH
0-to-10% 0-to-10%
Running Area (Belt Size)
16″ X 50″ 18″ X 50″
Number of Programs
16 50
Heart Rate Monitor
EKG Grip Pulse Sensor EKG Grip Pulse Sensor
Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
Cooling Fan
Large 6″ LCD Display 7″ Smart HD Touchscreen
Web Browser
iFit Coach Compatible
Tablet holder
5 years frame and motor 90 days parts and labors warranty Lifetime frame and motor 25 year on warranty 1 year parts and labors warranty
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Side by side comparison of ProForm Performance 300i and ProForm Performance 400i treadmills.

Display and User Interface Comparison

The ProForm Performance 300i has a Large 6″ LCD Display and the ProForm Performance 400i has a 7″ Smart HD Touchscreen. The Smart Performance 400i has a touchscreen which is great while the Performance 300i has buttons for controlling the treadmill, so browsing the menus is not as intuitive as the Smart Performance 400i. We think the bigger screen size of the Smart Performance 400i is a plus. Consoles of ProForm Performance 300i and ProForm Performance 400i.

Built in Programs

The Smart Performance 400i has 34 more programs, 50 vs 16. Both treadmills are iFit Coach Compatible so you can get many different workout options.

Bottom Line

We gave the ProForm Performance 400i a rating of 90 over 100 while we gave 85 for the Performance 300i because, the Smart Performance 400i has a touch screen, bigger screen, more programs, and a good price for the features you get. Also wider running area of the Smart Performance 400i makes it one step ahead.